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Photo 001891 Copy.jpg
This photo is of the construction of the Civic Auditorium in 1932. The constructing of this building was a WPA program and it was later renamed after the George Welsh Civic Auditorium after the Mayor who pushed for the project. The address now is…

006838 Copy.jpg
An aerial view of Reservoir Hill prior to the Belknap Park construction project. Lookout park can be seen just beyond the Livingston Reservoir on the top of the hill.

004966 Copy.jpg
The Cherry Park playground at Cherry Street and Eastern Avenue under construction in 1951.

Division 2 #002129 Lookout Hill Steps No Date Copy.jpg
This photograph shows concrete stairs being constructed on Belknap Hill. The stairs lead up to lookout Park, which at that time was known as the Livingston Reservoir area.

Photo 001890 Copy.jpg
This photograph shows the construction of the Civic Auditorium. In the foreground the Grand River and the Interurban bridge can be seen.

Photo 002903 Copy.jpg
This photograph shows the groundbreaking of the Civic Auditorium in 1931. City Manager George Welsh and Mayor John D. Karel are present. The Grand Rapids City Commission is most likely present at the Ground Breaking as well.

Photo 010519 Copy.jpg
Aerial view of I-196 construction

Photo 001504 (1) copy.jpg
This is an image of the widening of S Division Ave in downtown Grand Rapids. The Division Ave Oakes Street intersection is in the foreground.

004857 copy.jpg
This is a photograph of the construction of the Briggs Park, possibly of the park shelter or the swimming pool, from 1950.

005004 copy.jpg
This is an images of construction on one of the Mary Waters Park buildings and field looking west.
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