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002582 (1).jpg
This is an image of a steam pumper fire engine.

Photo 002578 Copy.jpg
This photograph shows Engine House no. 10, which replaced the old Engine House No. 10. This station is located at the corner of Division Ave S and Brown St SE. There are two trucks and a handful of firefighters posing in front of the station.

Photo 002568 Copy.jpg
This is a photograph of Firefighters posing in front of an electric ladder truck. Engine House No. 7, at 819 Madison Ave SE can be seen in the background.

Photo 002566 Copy.jpg
This photograph is of a fire department hose cart parked in front of Engine House No. 10 at the corner or Hall Street and Ionia Avenue. A group of firefighters site on the Hose Cart.

Photo 002563 Copy.jpg
This photograph is of fire station no. 10 at the corner of Division Ave SW and Brown St SE. Two fire trucks are shown in front of the engine house.
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