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Belknap Park 1 #006059 No Date copy.jpg
This image shows a group of children looking at a view of Grand Rapids from Belknap Park hill.

005286 copy.jpg
This is an image of children playing at the Garfield-Fletcher Park in Grand Rapids, today referred to as Garfield Park.

005004 copy.jpg
This is an images of construction on one of the Mary Waters Park buildings and field looking west.

004962 copy.jpg
This photograph shows an unidentified group of children at play in Cherry Park.

004857 copy.jpg
This is a photograph of the construction of the Briggs Park, possibly of the park shelter or the swimming pool, from 1950.

021671 - 1.1.10 Copy.jpg
The Dickinson Park playground looking west from Linden Ave SE.

021669 - 1.1.8 Copy.jpg
Dickinson Buffer Park looking northeast toward factories and basketball court

004965 Copy.jpg
This photograph is of unidentified children playing on the playground equipment at Cherry Park. Slides, teeter totters, swings, and a merry-go-round can be seen.

004821 Copy.jpg
This is a photograph of Sand Creek in Aman Park.

006066 (2) Copy.jpg
An aerial view of Belknap Park's new development including Robert Morris' Project X, an earthworks sculpture. Baseball diamonds can be seen below Project X and the old Livingston Reservoir can be seen above it, encircled by a scenic road. Coit Parkā€¦
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