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This is a view west down Fulton St E near the Grand Rapids Community College DeVos Campus near College and Prospect.

This is a view east down Fulton Street W near Seward Avenue.

This is an image of Lake Michigan Drive looking west. Possibly near Garfield Ave.

This is an image of State Street SE from the Foster Park area towards Lafayette Avenue SE.

This is an image of Calkins Law Office at the corner of State St SE and Washington St SE.

This is an image to the north from Sheldon Ave SE towards Fulton Street E. The YWCA is on the left, Imperial Motors is on the right, and the YMCA building is visible in the distance near Veterans Memorial Park.

This is a southerly view down Sheldon Ave SE from the Fulton St E. The YMCA is on the right and Imperial Motors is on the left. The Cathedral of St. Andrew is visible in the distance.

This is an image of four unidentified men on a hill at Crescent St NE and Bostwick Ave NE.

This is an image of Dodds Record Shop at 24 Monroe and Foot-So-Port at 22 Monroe. The Golden 8 Ball at 65 Division Ave N is visible on the left. This is a view to the north from Division Avenue.

This is an image down the north side of Fulton Street E from the area of Sheldon Ave NE.
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