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Photo 001550 Copy.jpg
This photograph shows the widening and removal of railway tracks on Division Street south of Oakes Street. The Harris Building at 111 Division Ave S can be seen to the left.

Photo 002263 Copy.jpg
This photograph shows an easterly view of Michigan St. and Division Ave. The photograph was taken from the Fox Brewery building. The church shown in the photograph is the Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Photo 001524 Copy.jpg
This photographs is of the Division Avenue widening project showing street railway car tracks being relocated in front of the Herkimer Hotel. St. Andrews Catholic Church can be seen on the right side of the Photograph along with a line of houses that…

Photo 001481 Copy.jpg
This photographs shows workers repositioning the street car railway tracks on Division Ave S in 1928 while the road was being widened. Saint Andrews Cathedral can be see on the right while the Herkimer Hotel can be seen on the left.

Photo 001549 Copy.jpg
This photograph shows Division Avenue looking north from Cherry Street during the widening of Division Avenue in 1928. The Harris building sign along with others can be seen along the street. The steeple of the Immanuel Lutheran Church can be seen in…

This is an image of a street car and a truck near 718 Division Ave S.

001419_1 (1).jpg
This is an image of a street car near 718 Division Ave S.

This is an image of a streetcar and a truck on Division Ave S near 741 Division Ave S.

This is an image of an empty lot at 742 Division Ave S.

This is an image of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Grocery at 746 Division Ave S.
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