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This is an image looking north on Division Ave S in the 10 block. Automobiles and interurbans are visible in this image.

This is an image of automobiles and a streetcar on Division Ave S.

This is an image of the 100 block of Division Ave S looking north towards the 70 block of Division Ave S.

This is an image of automobiles and a streetcar on Division Ave S

This is an image of Gray Auto Sales at 1004 - 1006 Division Ave S.

This is an image of a streetcar and automobiles on Division Ave S near Vandenberg Jewelers at 721 Division Ave S.

Image 002312.jpg
City Sealer Bill Geldersma and an unidentified man installing a correct meter into a vehicle. This is from the Department of Public Safety's Division of Weights and Measures.

Image 020591.jpg
This is a north view down Monroe Ave towards the intersections of Lyon and Michigan. The Hotel Rowe can be seen in background to the left.

Image 019828.jpg
This is a view from Campau Square looking east of Monroe (Monroe Center) from the Pearl Street/Monroe Avenue vicinity. Automobiles, and people are visible on a very busy street. McKay Tower is on the left.

Image 002679.jpg
This is a westerly view down Fountain Street near Bostwick Avenue. The Fountain Street Church is on the left and we can see down the street towards Division Avenue.
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