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Photo 002081.jpg
This is a view under an unidentified bridge over the Grand River.

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004815 Copy.jpg
This is a photograph of one of two bridges over Sand Creek in Aman Park. The bridge was newly built in 1959.

001790 (2).jpg
This is an image of a bridge at the Alpine Ave and Pennsylvania Railroad Crossing between Richmond and Pennell Streets.

Photo 002100.jpg
This is a view of damage to the sidewalk on an unidentified bridge.

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Photo 001927.jpg
This is an easterly view of the Civic Auditorium/Welsh Auditorium along the Grand River. The Richard Gillett Bridge is on the left while the Pearl Street bridge is on the right. The Pantlind Hotel and McKay Tower are visible.

Photo 001962 (1) Copy.jpg
This photograph shows the dam just north of Bridge St Bridge, looking east.

Photo 019217 Copy.jpg
This photograph is of the plague honoring William H. Dean at the dedication ceremony for the Fulton Street bridge. The Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad bridge, the Blue Bridge, can be seen in the background.

Photo 019213 Copy.jpg
This photograph shows unidentified workers demolishing the iron Fulton Street bridge.

001963  810.001963 Copy.jpg
Dynamiting an ice jam on the Grand River south of the Fulton Street Bridge. The Voigt Milling Co. building can be seen just past the bridge. The Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Bridge can be seen just past the Fulton Street Bridge.

This is a view of the Franklin Street Bridge / Franklin Street Viaduct from the railroad tracks.
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