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Photo 007264 copy.jpg
This photograph is from the Planning Departments Bartholomew Report, created by Harland Bartholomew. It shows an old cast-iron fountain in the center of the park. The back of the photo read "Fulton Park which has possibilities as a Civic Center and…

Photo 006733 Copy.jpg
The West Michigan Tourist Bureau building in Veteran's Memorial Park. Designed by Henry R. Turner and built in 1935-1936, the building was a project of the Works Progress Administration. The West Michigan Tourist Bureau leased the building from the…

This is a postcard of the Soldiers' Memorial Monument at the Fulton Street Park which is Veterans Memorial Park.

Fulton SE, 101 - 1937 (1) Copy.jpg
An Assessor's Department Real Property Appraisal file of the building in Veterans Memorial Park.
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