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Photo 006733 Copy.jpg
The West Michigan Tourist Bureau building in Veteran's Memorial Park. Designed by Henry R. Turner and built in 1935-1936, the building was a project of the Works Progress Administration. The West Michigan Tourist Bureau leased the building from the…

Photo 007264 copy.jpg
This photograph is from the Planning Departments Bartholomew Report, created by Harland Bartholomew. It shows an old cast-iron fountain in the center of the park. The back of the photo read "Fulton Park which has possibilities as a Civic Center and…

Fulton SE, 101 - 1937 (1) Copy.jpg
An Assessor's Department Real Property Appraisal file of the building in Veterans Memorial Park.

This is a postcard of the Soldiers' Memorial Monument at the Fulton Street Park which is Veterans Memorial Park.
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