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This is an image of construction downtown Grand Rapids at the area of Division Ave S, Monroe Center, and Fulton St E.

001963  810.001963 Copy.jpg
Dynamiting an ice jam on the Grand River south of the Fulton Street Bridge. The Voigt Milling Co. building can be seen just past the bridge. The Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Bridge can be seen just past the Fulton Street Bridge.

This is a view west down Fulton St E near the Grand Rapids Community College DeVos Campus near College and Prospect.

Photo 002074.jpg
A view of the Fulton Street Iron bridge over the Grand River.

This is an image down the north side of Fulton Street E from the area of Sheldon Ave NE.

This is an image of Fulton Street E near Grand Rapids Community College near Lafayette.

This is a view east down Fulton Street W near Seward Avenue.

This is an image of Fulton Street West near Market and Monroe. The view is to the east towards Division Ave.

This is an image of Dodds Record Shop at 24 Monroe and Foot-So-Port at 22 Monroe. The Golden 8 Ball at 65 Division Ave N is visible on the left. This is a view to the north from Division Avenue.

This is an image of a man leading children on tricycles and a band at a Parks Safety Parade. The location is at Fulton and Monroe Center. A caption reads, "The Parade Continues".
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