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This is a photograph of the memorial in Garfield Park that commemorates Charles and Jessie Garfield who, along with Julia L. Fletcher, donated the land for Garfield Park. The marker also denotes the graves of Charles and Jessie Garfield
which lay…

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This is a photograph of the Garfield Park lodge being renovated. The two men working are unidentified.

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This is a photograph of the playground in Garfield Park located in the south central portion of the park.

005302 Copy.jpg
This photograph shows the wading pool in the south end of Garfield Park. The pool was built in 1910.

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This aerial view of Garfield Park shows the three pools, lodge/community house, baseball diamond, and tennis courts.

A group of children are playing on a slide at Garfield Park. A young girl is holding a baby at the top of the slide. The photograph is titled "Baby's First Slide".
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