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Image 002678.jpg
This is an image looking east down Market Avenue where it intersects Louis Street. Monroe Ave (Monroe Center Street) can be seen in the distance.

Photo 001961 (1) Copy.jpg
This photograph shows the Grand River and the dam just north of the Bridge St Bridge. The Rowe Hotel can be seen in the background.

Image 002660.jpg
This image shows the area formerly known as Grab Corners in the downtown Grand Rapids near the intersection of Pearl and Canal (Monroe). This area is now known as Campau Square. The view is to the northwest and we see Sweet's Hotel, First National…

Image 020591.jpg
This is a north view down Monroe Ave towards the intersections of Lyon and Michigan. The Hotel Rowe can be seen in background to the left.

This is an image of the Hall Hotel at 948 Division Ave S.
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