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Grand Rapids Planning Department


Aerial View of Riverside Park c. 1950s - 006502 Copy.jpg
This is an aerial of southern portion of Riverside Park from circa 1950s. Monroe Street can be seen to the right of the park.

005299 Copy.jpg
This aerial view of Garfield Park shows the three pools, lodge/community house, baseball diamond, and tennis courts.

005302 Copy.jpg
This photograph shows the wading pool in the south end of Garfield Park. The pool was built in 1910.

005297 Copy.jpg
This is a photograph of the playground in Garfield Park located in the south central portion of the park.

005295 Copy.jpg
This is a photograph of the Garfield Park lodge being renovated. The two men working are unidentified.

005275 Copy.jpg
This is a photograph of the memorial in Garfield Park that commemorates Charles and Jessie Garfield who, along with Julia L. Fletcher, donated the land for Garfield Park. The marker also denotes the graves of Charles and Jessie Garfield
which lay…

The shelter house at Creston-Mary Waters Park and the playground behind the shelter. The building includes a recreation room. The children's playground off the upper level is complete with both junior and senior slides, teeters and swings, a large…

006725 Copy.jpg
A view of the Creston Park side of the Creston-Mary Waters Park looking NE. In the foreground is the Creston pond.

004966 Copy.jpg
The Cherry Park playground at Cherry Street and Eastern Avenue under construction in 1951.
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