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This is a black & white photograph of the banks of the Grand River along the Butterworth Landfill site. The river takes up most of the right hand side of the photograph. The picture was taken in late summer judging by the lush foliage on the trees…

This is a view of the Division Ave and Monroe Ave area near Lookout Park. The Grand River is also visible.

002003 (1).jpg
This is an image looking north from the Fulton Street Bridge of a WPA project along the Grand River. This wall along the river has been referred to as 'rip rap'. The West Side Iron Works and the Voigt Mill are visible in this image.

002000 (1).jpg
This is a view looking north towards the Grand Rapids and Indiana/Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge over the Grand River.

001957 (1).jpg
This is a view of the Grand River looking north towards the Sixth Street Bridge. A low-head dam is visible.

Photo 001927.jpg
This is an easterly view of the Civic Auditorium/Welsh Auditorium along the Grand River. The Richard Gillett Bridge is on the left while the Pearl Street bridge is on the right. The Pantlind Hotel and McKay Tower are visible.

A view of the Grand River flood.

A view of the Grand River flood.

View of a telephone pole during the flooding of the Grand River.

This is a view of the Grand River during a flood. The view is from Lake Shore and Michigan from the Southern RR Bridge.
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