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This is a black and white photograph of a golf course. In the middle distance two men can be seen, one is putting a ball towards a hole, the other one is holding the flag. The green is surrounded by a lot of trees in full foliage.

This is a black and white photograph showing an unidentified golf course. In the foreground a sand trap gives way to a green. The photograph was taken in early spring, as the trees bear no foliage.

This image is the same photograph as 006828, but zoomed in closer on the people playing golf. The photograph shows four people, two men and two women, playing golf. One of the women is putting the ball towards a hole, while her partner is holding the…

This is an image showing four men on Sligh Golf Course. These four are with one exception dressed in golf attire. All four men are holding golf clubs. They are posing for a photograph, but it appears the photographer they are actually posing for is…

This image is an areal photograph of Sligh Golf Course. The foreground of the photograph shows early suburban development on cleared properties, with only a smattering of houses on the streets crisscrossing the area.

This image shows a group of men on the Sligh Golf Course. The gentleman standing furthest on the right of the group, dressed in white golf attire, is readying a golf club to hit a ball out of a small sand trap. Just left of the center of the image a…

This image shows a man and a group of other men standing around him. The man in the focus of the photograph is wearing a light suit, glasses, and a golf cap. He holds a golf club, in front of a readied golf ball, ready to tee off.

This is an image showing five men on Sligh Golf Course playing golf. The men are standing around one individual who is getting ready to swing his club at a ball. The group is standing in some distance from the photographer, with a bush immediately to…

This is an image showing five men standing around a golf hole, with one man holding the flag. A tall tree dominates the background.

A group of people stands with the back to the camera on Sligh Golf Course. The people are facing a middle-aged, partially bald man, who is addressing them with his hat in hand.
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