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Fulton SE, 101 - 1937 (1) Copy.jpg
An Assessor's Department Real Property Appraisal file of the building in Veterans Memorial Park.

This is an image of an unidentified park. The image is titled 'View of City Parks'.


Aerial View of Riverside Park c. 1950s - 006502 Copy.jpg
This is an aerial of southern portion of Riverside Park from circa 1950s. Monroe Street can be seen to the right of the park.

005299 Copy.jpg
This aerial view of Garfield Park shows the three pools, lodge/community house, baseball diamond, and tennis courts.

004815 Copy.jpg
This is a photograph of one of two bridges over Sand Creek in Aman Park. The bridge was newly built in 1959.

006170 Copy.jpg
This stone marker and plaque is located at the burial site of Jacob Aman in Aman Park.

This is an image of kids playing baseball at Roosevelt Park.

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006066 (2) Copy.jpg
An aerial view of Belknap Park's new development including Robert Morris' Project X, an earthworks sculpture. Baseball diamonds can be seen below Project X and the old Livingston Reservoir can be seen above it, encircled by a scenic road. Coit Parkā€¦

006063 Copy.jpg
A sign in front of the Belknap Park hill with information on the funds used for the park's development. Belknap Park is the largest park near the downtown area and occupies a portion of the high sand bluffs along North Division Avenue.

006838 Copy.jpg
An aerial view of Reservoir Hill prior to the Belknap Park construction project. Lookout park can be seen just beyond the Livingston Reservoir on the top of the hill.
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